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Wood is used for making stairs since forever. One of the reasons why is its ability to be designed and shaped in almost every possible shape. Wood is awesome and here is collection of 20 wooden types of stairs for today’s modern homes.

If you ever wondered how to make wooden stairs, we might have some inspiration for you. Modern stair design is very important these days because stairway is often used as focal point of the house. People love to have beautiful stairway with nicely designed banister. It’s just something that catches everyone’s eye when they come in. And what can be better material for this than wood.

Even though we already posted 20+ creative stairs not so long ago, we decided to go with another collection but this time only with wooden types of stairs. It is very warm material and different types of trees can give you different textures and tones, suitable to your interior design. So take a look and let us know which stairway is your favorite.


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