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In LAUD, we believe that active staffs, experience managers and prestige partners are the members of LAUD JVC and contribute to the company together.

The management will be followed the results and projects, therefore, “Goal Management” is the main management method of Company. Besides, every member of our company will show the below company’s culture:

  1. Team work

Efficient and effective team is the necessary for the success. Therefore, Company always let individual work in a team, the achieved results of the team is the result of each individual. The contribution and cooperation of each member will make the company’s strength.

  1. Communication

You are encourage to share your oponion, find information, provide data and solve issues together with your direct leader; you can ask the oponion of any Board of Management in order to have the final solution. Your managers will always listen to your opinion, encourage your effort and find solutions for your issues. We are not allowed the communication with the misleading information, hearsay that  make our team divided and the co-workers are jealous and lack of coperation.

  1. Respect value of employee

Human resource is the most valuable source of Company. Thus, Company always promote your potential by encouraging you study more and entrust higher responsibilities to you in accordance with your abilitity and experience that you can be in charge.

  1. Responsibility

The sucess of Company depends on the satisfaction of reasonable, right clients and employees’ demands. It requires the full cooperation of every members in Company. You need to work on time, regularly, accomplish tasks in a high-quality manner and follow regulations and standards.

  1. Professionalism in working

Professionalism is reflected in the commitment to provide solutions and tools for client with high quality, thoughtfulness and prestige, when communicating gently, respectfully with client in negotiation and debate. Always use forms, formal information to send to clients…

On the other hand, professionalism is demonstrated by following the principle of management strictly, ensuring assigned taks completely. Professionalism also requires you to control your personal emotions to listen, communicate to solve problems, difficulties in work to achieve company’s goals.

  1. Participate in social activities and community development

All members of LAUD participate in charity activities or social activities voluntarily in order to develop the community, follow legals.