Each type of projects has its specifics. It is different between Industrial, residential and commercial projects.

We applied our goal and strategy in each type of project to optimize values of your projects.


Good industrial building means the effective and safe environment in the aspect of manufacturing activity. We should consider the optimized planning, circulation, structure, material and LCC in order to meet up the both the reasonable cost and effective performance. Especially, as C.I (Corporate Identity) becomes important more and more, the design considering brand identity is also important as well as Economy and Safety


The residence in south-eastern Asia such as Vietnam is different in the aspects of life style and climate condition from the other region. In order to match with the both energy saving and nice environment, the building layout, unit plan, section, façade, ventilation & natural lighting method, and material should be considered carefully and properly.


The commercial project such as office, retail, F&B, department store, mixed-use, and resort is totally different from residential project in the functional and aesthetical aspect. The commercial is more public and the customer attraction is important. Thus, we should deal properly with the relationship between anchor and mall.


When Working On A Such A Specific Project,
One Must Think Of Surroundings As Well